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Europe has reached a decisive point: the crisis of the Euro-zone and the disparate, not always positive, perceptions of the East towards the West and of the North towards the South, and vice-versa, leads to many unanswered questions. Will Europe disintegrate or can we find a way towards a common future? What could such a future be and where might our place be in it?

This project aims at helping schools and students to discover Europe from the perspective of other European citizens. In other words, to provide the experience of “walking in each other’s shoes”. We believe that only the process of getting to know each other enables us to become empathetic.

Empathy, we believe, is the key for discovering new aspects of other cultures’ identities, as well as our own. A more comprehensive concept of identity helps us to understand the many aspects that connect us and enable us to imagine and contribute towards a common future.

During the two years of the project, four questions will guide us on a journey from ‘I’ to ‘we’ and from the present to the future:

  • Who am I?
  • Who is the Other?
  • Who will I be?
  • Who will we be, together?

Correspondingly, the project is structured around four subtopics:

  • Building pluralistic identities
  • European dissolution?
  • Finding my place in Europe
  • Imagining the future – walking together in Europe

The methodological approach to these questions and topics will include activities which focus on reflection (“the brain”), feelings (“the heart”) and practical work (“hands and feet”).


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